Durham Tour-ientation

$249  | Up to 20 Friends


Quirky characters, iconic tobacco factories, hip watering holes, nationally-acclaimed restaurants, Black Wall Street and Durham's origins — how it came to be, its rise, fall and rise again as the coolest city in the South. 90-minute walking tour of our delightful downtown.


Hops 'n' Spirits Crawl

$249  | up to 2-Hr Crawl


Downtown's surrounding neighborhoods — Brightleaf, the DIY District, American Tobacco and more — are home to authentic pubs, y'all come breweries and intriguing distilleries. All within a few fascinating blocks of each other!  Be escorted to places you might never see otherwise! 

"Show Off" Tour

Starting at $299  |  Up to 25 Folks


We live here, we love it here. We brag about it. And we'd love to show it off for you (even if it's just to get your group off your hands for an hour or so).  Tell us what you love most about Durham, the stuff you wish your family and friends would "get," and we'll design a 60-90 minute tour that'll make you a rock star.


Maker Tour

$249  | Up to 15 "Inventors + Creators"


Maybe it all started with the Duke family's offer of $10,000 for a cigarette rolling machine. Durham's been making amazing stuff ever since. The ELF, the human/solar powered vehicle of choice for the sustainable commuter, was invented and is made in Durham. We also boast ancient family spirits recipes, sumptuous confections, music and cultural festivals, art museums and handcrafted ironworks. 


Blue Devil Tour

Priced Accordingly


New to Duke? Or wanting to share interesting facts about your alma mater with friends and family? We take you from the remarkable chapel to the exquisite gardens — with stories about Duke discoveries, history and basketball conquests. (Driving required.)

Custom Tour

Priced Accordingly


Looking to check out art? Got that.  History?  Got a ton of that. Just want to hang out at a picnic table on a beautiful afternoon and hear funny stories?  Can do that, too.  Want to sing with your friends and be on a YouTube video?  Sure, we can do that. There are so many ways to experience Durham — you can choose your own themes, or we'll just surprise you!